Virtual tour of Museum "Alija Izetbegović"

The photographs that make up the virtual presentation were developed in the HDRI technology. The HDRI technology allows a display of a greater brightness range than the traditional digital photography. The purpose of work done using the HDRI technology is a more authentic display of a wide range of luminance found in some scenes. The abbreviation comes from the English language - High dynamic range imaging - and when translated implies a highly variable range of shooting.



The permanent museum exhibition is located in the towers Kapi-kula Ploča and Širokac. In the Ploča tower, the life of Alija Izetbegović as statesman and politician is displayed on chronologically arranged exhibition boards, accompanied by text and photographs. In the Širokac tower, the exhibition is dedicated to Izetbegović's role as the Supreme Commander in the defense of Bosnia and Herzegovina from the Serbian agression.



Established in the recent times, the Museum „Alija Izetbegović“ offers modern answers to questions from the past, but also sets the foundation for the future. Through its objective scientific approach, it encourages young people, intellectuals and researchers to approach modern history with expertise and knowledge. 



The Museum educational programs are designed for elementary and secondary school students. They include professional tours of the permanent museum exhibition, interactive school workshops, pedagogical and educational publications, lectures, special programmes observing important historical dates, etc.